Directories of Photographers, Photography Sites and Areas of Interest

Photography Sites
Bostick & Sullivan Inc.
Nick Chaldakov's Photography Gallery - The art of Photography
Ryan A. DesJardin Photography

Gordon Stettinius Photography


Members, Virginia Society for the Photographic Arts
 Willie Anne Wright - Pinhole Photography      Pinhole
Anne Savedge - Digital Photography      Digital Photography and manipulated images
Cece Wheeler - Fine Art Photography
Domestic Grace - A Photographic Series by Cece Wheeler    Alternative Photo Processes
Jennings Sheffield - STAT Productions, Inc. 
Taylor Dabney - A Portrait of Teenage Mothers


Galleries and Shows
Agora gallery  NewYork
1708 Gallery - A Non-Profit Space for New Art
Cepa Gallery, Buffalo NY
Fixing Shadows Still Photography
Internet for the Fine Arts
New Realities / Digital Transformations from the 1997 digital show
Pinhole Visions Home Page

The Worldwide Art Gallery


Resource, Listings and Online Magazines
Visual Studies Workshop,  Rochester, NY
Avid Training
Artzites Monthly e-Zine of local art, happenings and resources in the Richmond Va. area
Foto Search Stock Photography

B&H Photo Equipment source


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